Now offering LinkedIn marketing reach 5,000 targeted professionals a month for $5 per day!

Safe, effective social media marketing on Instagram!  Just $1.41 per day!

Our campaigns connect you to 30,000 targeted potential customers each month.

Our service acts as your Instagram marketing assistant.  Instead of having to spend countless hours interacting with people on Instagram we do it for you.  Something that would take you a 240+ hrs per month to do manually or something you would have to pay a social media manager about $4,000 a month to do. 


1. Filter your targeting by gender. Now you can target only men or only women in combination with our other targeting tools! 

2. Target the followers of competitors or industry experts to gain their customers as your own.  We're able to like 5 pictures of every person we follow. 

3. We filter out almost ALL of the fake accounts and spam accounts.   

4. Once you tell us the maximum number of people you'd like to follow, we can control the ratio between your Followers vs the number of people you are Following. 

5.  Target people based on their location and interest simultaneously.  For example target people in Australia that love sneakers!

6. Target people that are currently at a location.  Perfect for shop owners near big venues such as stadiums, parks, museums to connect to people while they are near your store! 

We're releasing Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest marketing very soon.  If you'd like to get a discount on it sign up for our mailing list below.

There are more than 400 Million daily active users on Instagram.  This represents a massive opportunity for businesses, entrepreneurs, direct marketers, actors, singer-songwriters, entertainers, models, etsy shop owners and many more.  

Our service is safe, reputable, and proven.  We now have over 700 satisfied social media clients with more joining every day.

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Thank you guys so much! My social media accounts are literally exploding! I now have more than 280,000 followers on twitter and almost 70,000 on Instagram! I’m getting booked for new modeling gigs daily and it’s all thanks to your genius marketing strategies! Can’t wait for you guys to launch my fashion website and market the hell out of it! Big things to come!
— Lindsay Brooke
Hey Scott!
Absolutely LOVE quicker social.. it has been working wonders!
— Erica P.
Thanks for marketing my IG accounts. I am loving the growth with likes and comments on my pictures!! =)
— @msutra_bride
Thanks for the update. I’ve re-ordered another package (It’s order #00770). I’d like this one new campaign to begin at the conclusion of the current one. Thank you for all your help, I’m so pleased with how its going. Much appreciated :)
— Lauren
Purchased another month, Scott! Thanks again for the help. My page is climbing!
— @bodyrocshaun

Just wanted to reach out and thank you; this first week of the Instagram marketing has really blown me away. I’m so excited to see how far this can take my account. I’ve worked so hard to build the account and getting your help was absolutely the right next step.

Let me know if there is anything else I can do on my end.

— Alyson Health Coach
I have 500 new followers in 4 days. This program works around the clock and I am receiving tons of exposure. We all know sales are a numbers game. I feel strongly that this program will generate new sales. I am definitely getting leads. You can’t just depend on the the program you have to work the program. I am really happy so far. In addition, if you have any issues and raise it to the marketing to am they are really responsive. I feel the money I spent was worth every penny.
— @flowwolfco
Scott, You are becoming a great help to us my friend! Thank you for this valuable feedback and guidance. I will make these changes right away.
All the best!
— Patrick W.
I just wanted to give you feedback so far! everything looks great. I love how quicker social is engaging real time followers in turn giving buzzblogca an organic following. I have a few referrals interested in trying out quicker social.
— Batool H.
“Just want to say thanks for introducing us to shopify and getting us set up with the new website. Definite improvement over our old site. We ran a special to introduce our customers to the new site and sold $35,000 of coffee on the internet in 2 days!”
— Joseph Alban MD CFO Kona Joe Coffee LLC
“You guys rock! Our site is perfect and business has never been better! Keep up the awesome work!”
— Vince Gervasi Owner MVP Tournament Poker
I love the activity you guys are generating - much appreciated!
— Patrick Ward CEO - Nip Eaze
  1. You choose the type of user that you want to reach based on their location or interests!

  2. You can choose a combination of up to 100 interests at a time!

  3. Your account likes up to 1,000 targeted pictures per day.

  4. Your account can follow up to 300 users per day.

  5. Your account can have up to 39,000 interactions each 30 days that's up to 474,500 each year PER ACCOUNT!

  6. Yes we're interacting with real users. 

  7. No we are not spamming people. 

  8. We are liking their picture which leaves your customers with a positive sentiment. 

  9. An interaction is a like or a follow.

  10. You can choose any combination of liking or following (we offer some commenting as well)

  11. We can even target the followers of a competitor for you! These often make great customers ! 

  12. You CAN stay logged into Instagram during the management period to track your progress.

  13. Our system keeps track of each account's progress.

  14. You view your instagram account online at any time during the management period by going to

  15. This averages to about $0.04-$0.25 per follower (potential customer) acquired. 

  16. This is an incredibly low customer acquisition cost and allows for a great return on your investment!

  17. Once followers are acquired you can re-market to them for free as long as they follow you! 

  18. You can also use them to market to their friends for free! Or by having giveaways!